Top tips for decluttering your Melbourne home

How long has it been since your last ‘spring clean’ of your Melbourne property? Has it been weeks, months or years? Regardless of how long it’s been since your last proper clean out, if your home is currently looking a mess, it’s time to start decluttering and cleaning.

Depending on the size of your property – and how much mess there is – a general spring clean/decluttering of a home can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It’s always best to allocate more time that what you anticipate you need – it’s not a good look to be half way through the clean and then have to go back to work!

If you’re not sure where to start to clean out and declutter your home, this is the best place to start – the Maggie Valley Cleanout Guide. This guide will talk you through the steps of decluttering your home, including where best to dispose of unwanted items. To find out about how Maggie Valley got to writing this online guide, take a look at the About Us page.

Decluttering a Messy Home

How to get started…

Whether your mess is sprawled across the floor of your house, or it’s packed tightly away in a wardrobe, it’s important to address the issue and start decluttering! Many of us find it hard to get rid of household items and belongings from many years ago – in fear that we may need them some day soon – but the best place to start is to get rid of these items, as they are simply taking up space!

Start by making two piles of your mess – one pile for things you have used in the past half a year and another pile for things you haven’t touched in more than half a year. Although it may seem hard to let go – it’s time! Anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months is not worth keeping around (unless of course it’s a precious memory – i.e. photographs or photo albums).

Once you’ve separated these two piles, you can start addressing what you’ll do with the items in the 6 month pile – the things you are no longer keeping. There are a few different options for getting rid of these items…

Recycle or bin it

It’s likely that a lot of these items are considered ‘junk’. Old documents, broken toys, old packaging – things like this can go straight to the trash bin, as no one will want to buy these kinds of items. Before you bin it, make sure it can’t be recycled first. Here’s a handy list of over 100+ things that can be recycled – be sure to refer to it if you’re unsure.

Sell it online

If it’s worth something, you can choose to sell it online. There are a range of options to selling something online, depending on what the item is. The Gumtree is a great place to start, as you can sell many household belongings on here – such as furniture, appliances and other kitchen and dining items.

Sell locally

To avoid fees and charges by listing items for sale online, you can choose to sell locally. Selling locally is generally organised through word of mouth or Facebook groups. This is also the preferred option if you are needing to get rid of rather large items – such as an old vehicle that may have been cluttering up your backyard – it’s easy to find local Melbourne car removals and cash for car providers that’ll come take your vehicle away for no charge.